Bigg Boss season 16 live updates. Salman khan salary, contestants salaries

•Release date of Bigg Boss 16 and timings.

Big boss season 16 india’s no.1 show released on 1st October 2022 on colors tv. The show was premiered on 1st and 2nd October at 9:30 PM. The timing of the show for the weekdays is 10:00 pm and for the weekends (sat-sun) is 9:00 PM.

•Bigg boss 16 episode updates

The show is making place in audience hearts. Audience is showering immense love to the show .

AS we all know the show is hosted by bollywood superstar Salman Khan from 1st october 2022, show has completed first week and contestants are making good impressions among the audience.

Now the second week has been started, Gautam Vig became the next captain of the house after defeating Shiv Thakare.

He has replaced Nimrit kaur Allhuwalia as a captain. A lot of drama was seen in performing the captaincy task.

Bigg Boss announces that Nimrit’s captaincy term has been over and she wouldn’t became the contender for captaincy.
All the contestants went outside to the garden area to ring the bell, first two contestants will get contendership of captaincy.

Gautam vig and shiv thakare got the contendership.The task was designed that both contender shiv and gautam hold basket on their head and other housemates fill the basket with their personal things whom they don’t want to see as a captain.

In this task shalin bhanot got physically violent with Archana gautam, after that he was punished by Bigg Boss,
he is nominated for two weeks and can not become the captain for the remaining season.

Bigg Boss has given power to the gautam vig [captain] to nominate 4 housemates after a massive fight broke out between Gauri nagori, sumbul touqeer, srejita de and MC stan
Many discriminatory words were used by the housemates .

Bigg Boss called captain Gautam vig to the confession room to direct nominate 4 housemates for the elimination and he takes name of Gauri nagori, MC stan, Srejita De and Tina Dutta.

Now five contestants are nominated for this week i,e, shalin bhanot, Gauri nagori, MC stan, Srejita De and tina dutta.

Now the nominated contestents will try to make themselves visible infront of cameras so that they will get votes.

Viewers can support by voting to their favourite contestant on the voot app

Voting lines has been opened and at the end of weekened host Salmaan khan will announce the name of contestants which will be eliminated from the house

Bigg Boss 16 live updates

•Love angles in bigg boss season 16

contestants are trying to make love angles to entertain the audience Gautam Vig is trying to create a love angle with Saundarya sharma, right there on the other side Shalin Bhanot is trying to make love angle with Sumbul touqeer khan and at the same time with Tina Dutta.

•bigg boss 16 host, Salman khan fees 2022

There were rumours that the host of bigg Boss, salman khan will charge 1000 crore for the entire season. But salman khan himself denies those rumours and said, all these rumours are fake if i ever get paid 1000 crore i would never work in my life. He also said my salary is not even one fourth of it.
The salary of Salman khan in Bigg Boss 15 was 25 crores per week. For a single episode he was charging around rs 12 crores. And from the entire season he took home a paycheck of 350 crores.

•Bigg boss season 16 contestants and their salaries.

1.Abdu Rozik salary in Bigg Boss 16

Abdu Rozik don’t need any introduction he is the most loved contestant in the show. He has also worked with the host Salman Khan in his upcoming movie “kisika bhai kisiki jaan” confirmed by salman khan in the show. Abdu rozik is getting paid around 3-4 lakhs per week

2.Sajid khan salary in Bigg Boss 16

Sajid khan is a well known director, who has directed some popular films like housefull, housefull 2, hey baby. And he is charging around 4-5 lakhs, as per reports

3.Shiv Thakare salary in Bigg Boss 16

Marathi bigg boss winner shiv thakare is charging around 5.5 lakhs per week

4.Mc Stan salary in bigg boss 16

Mc stan is a rapper and has given many superhit rap songs. He is charging around 7 lakhs per week

5.Priyanka Chahar choudhary salary in Bigg Boss 16

Priyanka chahar choudhary is a well known face in TV industry and she is charging around 5 lakhs per week.

6.Ankit Gupta salary in bigg Boss

Ankit Gupta is an indian television actor and according to reports he is charging around 5-6 lakh per week .

7.Nimirit Kaur Ahluwalia salary in Bigg Boss 16

Nimirit kaur Ahluwalia is working in TV serials and after getting fame from choti sardarni she entered the bigg boss house. And she is charging around 7.5 to 8 lakh per week.

8.Gautam Vig salary in Bigg Boss 16

The Hrithik Roshan of TV industry. He has worked in some famous TV serials, Namakaran and saath nibhana saathiya, Gautam vig is charging around 4 lakhs per week.

9.Tina dutta salary in Bigg Boss 16

Tina dutta is a well known TV actress and she is charging around 8-9 lakhs per week.

11.Manya singh salary in Bigg Boss 16

Femina miss india in 2015 and global indian national stardom award winner manya singh is charging around 6-7 lakhs per week.

12.Sumbul Touqeer Khan salary in bigg Boss 16

Imlie fame sumbul touqeer is currently the highest paid contestant in bigg Boss charging around 12 lakhs per week, according to reports.

•Where to watch bigg Boss season 16 Live

bigg Boss season 16 promo

You can watch Bigg Boss 16 live on voot app. Where you have to get subscription to watch live streaming 24 hours. And if you want to watch episodes which will be free but you to register on voot app to watch in episodes

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