Bigg Boss 16 updates: weekend ka vaar

Bigg boss 16 weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan is always a treat to watch. Salman khan comes with report card of the contestants and slams them for all their wrong doings. he also exposes the fake side of the contestants and put out the real side of contestants in front of viewers.

Shukrawar ka Vaar Bigg boss 16:

Yesterday was Shukrawar ka Vaar in Bigg boss 16 Salman Khan returned to Bigg Boss 16 set. at the starting of his Vaar he thrashed Shalin Bhanot for his obsession with chicken. Not only viewers but Salman khan also looked irritated of listening Shalin Bhanot on and on about getting chicken inside the house. from four days Shalin bhanot was constantly asking for chicken as he needs chicken for protein. He was saying that he has medical condition, “please Bigg boss send chicken”.

Now in the Shukrawar ka vaar Salman thrashed Shalin Bhanot for irritating and making issue out of it. Salman said “Shalin aapka chicken chicken chicken itna hogya hai, task shuru hone se pehle, raat ko sone se pehle, Bigg Boss ye sab bhej kyu rahe ho yaar, main to bolta ye bhi band kar do. Salman says that you are irritating inside and outside of the house. Apparently, Shalin was promised that he will get some amount of chicken for his protein intake

Weekend ka Vaar Bigg Boss 16

In the upcoming episode of Bigg boss 16, a high voltage drama is goin to be Telecast where host Salman khan seems giving reality check to the contestants

Fight between Priyanka Choudhary and Shiv Thakare

A promo of Bigg boss 16 released by Colors Tv in which Priyanka Choudhary and Shiv Thakare seems getting into massive argument, where Priyanka seems saying “Shut up to Shiv”. In response Shiv points finger by coming close to her in range. this happens when Priyanka discusses something with Nimrit and others while Shiv interrupts the conversation he will put his point of view. Ankit Gupta tries to protect Priyanka as Shiv points finger by coming close Shiv asked him to stay aside. Later Shiv seen telling Sajid about Priyanka that “pure ghar main dusron ke mudde main jump lete ho. Shiv kyu nhi lega.

Salman Khan calls Sajid Khan Hypocrite

In the same video Salman Khan seemed to thrash Sajid Khan for his behavior inside the Bigg Boss 16 house. In a new promo shared by colors, Sakman is heard calling Sajid a hypocrite. “Sajid ghar ke andar kar kya rahe ho ( what is Sajid doing inside the house), Sajid replied “waqt aane par patte dikhaunga ( I will show my cards on right time)

Salman told Sajid “Waqt yahan par nahin milta, aapko nikaalne ka reason aap khud de rahe ho, baat samajh main aarahi hai. you are looking like a hypocrite, Stand lete ho phir badal dete ho, yeh hai double standards.

Bigg Boss 16 Eliminations

In a promo Salman called out the nominated contestants, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma, asked them to choose their reliable friends from the remaining housemates who are inside the house, the choosen one will press the buzzer to save them from not getting eliminated. Priyanka Choudhary, Goutam Vig and Sajid khan has to choose Nominated contestants. Salman Khan, if all three press the buzzer no one will be eliminated but the prize money will be deducted by 25 lakhs and if only 2 presses the buzzer one will get eliminated.

At the same time Salman Khan plays a clip for Soundarya Sharma In which Goutam Vig was showing making team of Soundarya with Shalin and Nimrit, Goutam sitting nearby saying nothing but Nimrit and Shalin was making fun of Soundarya.

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